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Be mellow {all yellow} with pink and grey {some colour inspiration}

Ah.  A wee colour combo.  As you may already know, we love a colour or few, so we do.  In a house, on a wall, on clothes, in a wedding.  Get those colours oot.

Bright ones, dull ones {they aren’t really dull you know.. just a bit, shy. They need a wee pal, like a bright shiny one that brings them out their wee dull shell}  Grey, for example… some say boring.  I say, misunderstood.  Poor thing.  All it needs is a confident wee buddy, like Yellow.  And there you go, a clever little colour-couple that bring the best out in each other.  And flatter, all the time.
Add a bit pink.. and you’ve got a team.

Yellow & grey & pink.  Oh my.

Ah le swoon.

It’s all very pretty, non?
The charcoal pooch with the yellow and pink..
My favourite kind of aztec print on a lovely bit of top..
Handmade confetti in pretty little pouches..
And pretty colour-teamed straws for guzzling with..
Send out perfect grey yellow and pink invites..
For your pretty rainy French dinner in the street.. {if only}..
With a man type wearing dashing grey yellow and pink glad rags..
Put pretty little deer in your house just because…
And decorate some cake with pretty colour-teamed bunting..
Then tell everyone about it on pretty paper goods..
Which you’ve written at your pretty little desk in your yellow grey and pink house..

Be mellow, all yellow, with pink and grey.
They go.

Love Claire x


2 thoughts on “Be mellow {all yellow} with pink and grey {some colour inspiration}

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