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{Engagement Shoot} ‘Glass Jar’ of Neon love in a boneyard..

Hellos, Happy Friday and hurrahs for another of our ‘Glass Jar’ of.. posts.  It’s a cracker.

What is this place, I hear you ask.. Who are those lovely people standing in that cool COOL place??? Oh… What IS this??  It’s amazing, is what it is…. wait til I tell you..

Something we haven’t done here on the blog, is feature engagement shoots/sessions… {although we have a few in store for you over the coming weeks….}
This is the best one we could possibly think of to post as our first…

Courtney and Steve’s Neon Boneyard Engagement… {ooooooft just wait til I tell you about the location!}

All thanks to our buddies o’er the pond.. Glass Jar Photography, who sent us this amazing wee number.   High five!! {They love ’em}.
Specialising in modern vintage wedding photography.. these guys are darn good at what they do!

And this is probably the most unusual love-shoot location I’ve seen yet…

It is, The Neon Museum.
A non-profit museum, in Downtown Las Vegas, dedicated to preserving the cities iconic art form, Vegas style…
Its neon signs.
Yup, the lights of Vegas. {whaaaaat}.

Holding a vast {I mean biiiggg} collection of donated and rescued signs from restaurants, motels and casinos of the city, dating back from the 1930s through to the 90s…
Thus why, it is known, as the Neon Boneyard.
The perfect mix of modern and vintage….
We LOVE it!

AH le swoon and big sigh. Jings its the coolest place I’ve ever seen.  A neon boneyard.  Oh man.  And what a lovely couple… Yay for you getting married!! You cool people.

Glass Jar Photography…. high ruddy five.  We heart you and your picture-taking ways.
{and can’t wait to keep on working with you 😉 }

Love Claire x


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