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Be groomed {man-type vintage style}

Hellos to you.
{excuse the men above.. this post is all about them. Men that is. Grooms. Not just those ones in that picture}.

Men.  And getting married.  They might not sit ogling wedding blogs all evening, like us {me and the sister especially no doubt. We’re good at it}
But, luckys for me, mine, as in my man-boy, does quite like a bit of wedding chat.  I’m aware that not all do.  So, yes, luckys for me indeed.  But…
He, Mr D, likes chat of food, and music, and food.  The stuff of funs.  Not so much guests and planning and organising and table plans.  {Yup, I have a lazy one.}
But most male things are like that no?  Right in to the funs, no way near the stresses. {Stresses being all things guest list, seating plans, timings, and guest list (in twice for good reason I tell you.) agree?}
The one thing I think the boys do like though, is the whole fatigues thing. The outfit.  Festooning themselves, just so.  Suit, shoes, hair.  Dapper-y looks all round.
Mr D loves his thinking about groom-style.  He’s going to get right dressed up he says.  But as himself.  Not as some random groom.  And I know exactly what he means….

I am marrying Mr D.  And I’d like him to look like Mr D on the day.  Now I know a lot of people want to go that extra mile and look that extra bit special or fancy for their wedding.. and I like it.  For them.  But it goes back to what I said before.. we are just not fancy folk.  And for me, getting all dolled up with a face foo of make up and hair foo of hairspray would just make me feel weird.  And un-me. And plus, he would just laugh when he saw me. {And that’s really not the reaction I’m going for that day}.

So, he is like me.  A bit scruffy and un-fancy too.  And ruddy handsome with it.  And he scrubs up himself very well without too much scrubbing or fancifying.
{Look, the charming gentleman in our Desire Decadence and Decay inspiration shoot, shot by our favourite wee picture-taker Caroline, back in Feb. Le swoon}…

The boys on that shoot made the vintage groom style look the dogs…. and we were very excited and happy to have worked on a shoot that wasn’t all about the bride.  No offence ladies, but it’s their day too.  Hurrah for the men!

So for our own w-day, what will he do?  So far, what I know is, he has said to his men {bests and father etc} that they will not be matching.  Not in tails or tailored suits, not in full formal kilt attire, not in shoes, not in troos {?}… but in outfits slightly resembling his own, suited to each different persons style… {They’ve yet to go shopping.. eesh.}

Vintage? {No doubt} Kilt? {More than maybe} Bow tie? {LOVE} Converse and an ol’ lumberjack shirt? {I wouldn’t be overly shockered}..

And I love it.  I love that he will look smart in his own way, not wedding-y or groom-y, but like himself, in a fancy-for-us fashion.
Hopefully I’ll be the same and not looking to bride-y.. We want to look like ourselves, and I’m not going to change just for a wedding..
So.. Here’s to you! And me! And being you and me, even on our wedding day..

Don’t you agree???

Hurrah for being yourself.  And doing it your way, looking like you.

Love Claire x

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