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Be cups and things.

Be loves vintage china.  Old and pretty, used and worn, floral and dainty, colourful and mismatched.  We can’t get enough.. {even though we’re running out of space.. 200 cups and saucers and plates take up more than a cupboard.. apologies to the Misters}.  We just can’t stop.
And right now, amongst many another thing, we’re in the midst of sorting and counting and taking pictures of all our lovely Be cups and things.  All of which is available for you to hire for your w-day or event.. Hurrah! Have a vintage tea party, go on!

Keep your peepers peeled for our new gallery of vintage loveliness soon to be here on the blog… cups and plates and jugs and bowls and teapots and cutlery and all manner of bits and bobs… table cloths and runners and jam jars and bunting.  Trunks and frames and books, oh my.  We have many a pretty thing.  And we want to help prettify many a place.

So, until we launch said gallery, {to be found soon on our Vintage by {Be} page}…  ogle our some of our wares over on facebook… lots of pretty things showing off on there.
{Price list on our website}

Love {big be-cup love} Be x

{image by Candysnaps, china and styling by us {Be}, floral loveliness by Di of Roots and Fruits, taken from our Desire Decadence and Decay inspiration shoot}


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