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Be minky. Pink. {Some colour inspiration}

{a tale of yesterday}.
Monday Monday.  So far today, I’ve worked a shift {at the loveliest of coffee shops, my day job, the place I can’t leave, for it is fun and lovely and foo of nice people, and I’m going to show it off to you on here mucho soon..}, I’ve covered my house in scraps of fabric and feathers {?}, I’ve fallen asleep, I’ve woken up {and panicked about it being tomorrow, which it wasn’t}, I’ve fallen out with my sewing machine, almost finished the bespoke bunting I’m making for Wednesday, had a cup of tea with a friend… and just remembered I’ve got some colour to chat about..


Eesh.  Not a colour I once would ever have thought about chatting about.  No sir’ee.  Not for me.  But then I found the swoony Grey Yellow & Pink team, and the loveliest of colour couples, Peach & Grey, and I thought, Oh, this pink chap isn’t that bad really.  There are shades of him that I rather like.  And he goes with many another colour.  Quite a flattering wee number actually.  Quite girly, but, I’m a girl.. Hmmmm.

Now, just so you know, I’m not planning on fuschia bridesmaids, or hot pink table runners, or magenta flowers all over the place… BUT..
I’m really quite taken with a wee pink {dusky or minky or pastel-y} compliment turning up in places…. Who’d have thought??

It’s not just the pink.. it’s the little colours with it that make it what it is.. lovely.  The wee bit mint, the stripes of blue, the hint of grey and the flecks of gold… next to pink? So lovely.

All you need is love, and a bit colour.

Even pink.

Love Claire x

{All you need is love sign from here, pretty pink cake, pom poms, lady, flamincos & egg box from here, loveliest tie from here, pretty dresses found here, invite idea from here & the most lovely cake decoration found here}


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