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{Plan Be} Sometimes…

Sometimes, its easy to forget…. All that matters.

The sister sent a song to me today, and said,
If your wedding was a song, this is what it would be…

Mumford & Sons ~ I will wait. {listen.. it’s very lovely}

I played it and laughed and got caught up in the song and thought.. I’m ridiculous at times.  Let me tell you for why….

This whole wedding planning malarky, no matter how laid back you are, how creative you are, how excited you are, how much fun it is, how talented a wedding planner your sister is, how many ideas you have or how relaxed you envision your day to be..
it gets stressful. This whole wedding malarky.  Nonsense it can be.  Nonsense.

I’ve found myself in tears {I cry often, don’t be alarmed} when things seemed a bit difficult or plans weren’t going our way {spoilt brat I hear you think, but it is our wedding..}.  At the points we’ve had to rethink.  When the wedding-politics get in the way.  When opinions are thrown around.
Yup, tears came.  I’ve become grumpy at the other one having the wedding, the other one trying to be excited. The man of the day.  We’ll call him poor Mr D.
Grumpy when things get in the way, or issues arise.
I have been a grumpy greetin’-faced bugger when troubled with a w-day puzzle.   And I wasn’t prepared for the grump.  I just wasn’t expecting it.
Fun.  That’s what I thought.  Fun.  Planning a big gathering of lovely people and food and music and dancing and a roasting hog.  How stressful can that be???

Surprisingly so.  Its the pressure.  The want to please everyone.  The need to cater for each individual or family.  The worry of who will like what and what will who think.  BLAH!

We’re having a day of fun.  Of stuffing merry faces and guzzling lovely drink.  Of dancing and twirling and cake.  What will not be to like???

Back at the start, we had a picture in each of our noggins.  Our wedding.
It was the same picture.
With the same background music.  And the same people. And the same feel. That was the wedding.
And we’re lucky we had that same picture.  We’re lucky to be alike in our wants and loves and music preferences {and love of pig}.  Lucky.

The grump that sometimes gets out is ridiculous.  Unfair. {Understandable???} But unnecessary.
Our wedding will be perfect.  In every way that is ours.. perfect.  It may not go perfectly, in perfect time, with perfect weather… but it will, Be.  And that’s all that matters.

The song from the sister made me laugh.  Because I remembered I’m ridiculous sometimes.  I have nothing to doubt.  We’ll have our day.  Our way.

All that matters is the love.  And we definitely have it.
So here’s to having a wedding.  Here’s to the funs and the dancing.  Here’s to all that matters.

 Love C x


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