be at work

A week of busy days and things.

How did it become Monday again?? WHEN did last week end??? Oh my, to the word.  It’s been the fastest week of busy days and things….

It started like this….

Working and napping and telling tales on the blog, of barnets and styles and ideas for my noggin…
Wedding hair inspiration for bride-ys like me…

Will I go vintage? Or scruffy? Or classic? Or boho?  T
Pretty pictures of pretty barnets will help me decide… What would you choose??

Mid-week, we were in Dundee for photo shoot funs, kids party style….

Yup, we, as in Be, turned our wee prettifying, decorating hands away from wedding for a day to style a photo shoot  for our favourite events magazine… Invite Scotland.  Hurrah!!
Festooning a kiddos party… add that to our list of favourite things to do.  Be loves!!
Keep your peepers peeled for a blogtale about the whole thing… {featuring more about the magazine, release date, the shoot itself, and some sneaky wee peeks}.

And so, because of the fun and festooning,  the mood was a good one, making us feel like blogging some pretty colour inspiration..
Pink.  It was love at first sight, {as old Steve of Aerosmith once crooned}.
For many it might have been anyway, but not me… I had to get to know it first….

And now that I know it?? I kind of love it a little bit.  { Beatles lyrics… in pink….  that converted me, it did. Perfect wedding inspiration}.

Another thing I was doing this week.. was a lot of pondering.  Pondering our wedding and all that it means, pondering what to do about certain w-day troubles, pondering in general…  about all things our wedding.
So when the sister, shared with me a song… A song that she thought was our day,in music…
It made me remember what really matters… And I blogged.  I blogged about {Plan Be} and Sometimes.
And I felt like saying, Phew.  Because when your busy {and maybe stressy} and you have many a thing to do… Sometimes you forget what your doing and why.  And all it takes is a song {or a sister} to make you remember… Hurrah for those things.

And then there was a wedding… a lovely, most sunny, converted stable, wedding.  A day foo of love and hog and the best french wine, and vintage china, and fire pits and dancing and birds.  A wedding of the swooniest kind.
And we were to Be there On the day, like little wedding helpers..

…floating around, making sure everything was perfect and everyone was merry….. which they were.
And it was.  {Sometime down the blogline there will be pictures of this day.. and we can’t wait to show you the pretty that was}.

So here’s to our week.
Here’s to inspiring kiddos partys and banishing wedding troubles and eating roasting hog and not having time for housework and looking at perfect barnets and helping at the most lovely weddings.

Here’s to busy.
{and now to catching up on sleep…}

Love Be x


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