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{Real Wedding} Sarah & Gary’s Back Garden, Bunting & BBQ Wedding

So, not a great day in the land of Be Eventful.
Technical glitches {glitch really doesn’t do it justice} have caused the loss of all, yes all, of my emails since Be began.
I have hyperventilated, felt sick, cried on the phone to the vistaprint man {he didn’t handle the tears very well} and almost given up on the world today.
But…. hey ho, I will wait my 24-48 hours and see what happens.
Please cross you fingers, toes and other such things in the hope that all will magically be well once more.

Anyway, to cheer myself up, I have listened to Biffy Clyro rather loudly, drank 12 cups of tea with my neighbour and reminisced about the loveliest of weddings and prettiest of dresses:Yup, look at that W-day dress. The dress of a lovely bride and a {Be} Bride at that.
A {Be} bride in that we, Be, were part of her amazing w-day… being there on the day, to do our wedding-elf thing, and make sure everything ran smoothly.
And so it did.
Sarah and Gary had the most amazing, laid back, BBQ garden wedding back in June, and I had the absolute pleasure of being involved.
Fabulous picture taker of the day was the lovely Lauren McGlynn, another of our GWC buddies, who captured the lovely quirky-ness of the day so well.

It was all about the love and the pretty homemade details.

Our favourite kind of wedding…

Sarah & Gary were just the loveliest of couples with the loveliest of families who made me feel so welcome that I actually felt more like a really, really helpful guest than someone who had been hired to look after their day!!!
From the un-tradition of getting ready together to the team effort of family & friends, this was a wedding which was most definitely all about the love and I am so happy that I was asked to be a part of it.

So here’s to doing it your own way Sarah & Gary style.

Love Nikki @ Be x

Venue: Loch End Cottage, Kilsyth


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