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Be dotty. Polka dots. {some wedding inspiration}

Polka dots. Spots. Polka spots. Dots. {You must excuse me… it’s been a long week. But hurrah!! Its almost the weekend}. Phew.

We like pretty things.  Even when the weeks are long.
We, Be, love colours.  For they are pretty.
We also love pattern.. {I, in particular, have a fondness for pattern.. and the more mismatched the better.. but that’s another blogtale in itself}..
Stripes and print and aztec and floral and geometric and colourful and.. polka dots… They are a favourite, for sure.

A favourite to wear….

{le swoon to le polka dotty bride-y one}

To festoon with….

And most definitely to twirl in…

I feel like that lady sometimes.
And I most certainly would be twirling if wearing that polka dot dress….

Festoon yourself with the spots… Festoon your groom.. Festoon your wedding….
Make a dotty cupcake and eat them at your w-party..
Get your gurls out in polka dotty dresses.. {or have much too cool bridesmaids???}
Have your man don a spotty tie..
And wear an equally spotty tea-dress
Add some dash to your lovely groom with a bow tie of dots..
Or {or and!} be a most lovely bride in a swooshy polka dot wedding gown!
Then hang the dottiest of pom poms
And make some polka dot garlands… {I love to diy these..}
Use the cleverist of grey spotty tape for all manner of decorating…
And have your littler guests wave ribbon wands of polka dot pretty at you..
{Whilst drinking out of these cute polka straws}

And then twirl.  Like the girl in the prettiest spotty dress.

Love Claire x


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