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Be golden. All that glitters is. {some colour inspiration}

Hi Gold.

It’s a spangly one, gold.  Not one I thought I was fond of.
But then, I thought.  And I think I am.  {Fond of it, that is}.

Now, the sister, she has a notion for the odd spangly thing.  Wears it sometimes.  Pins it alot {on pinterest that is}.  Decorates with it.  Yup, she often takes to a gold thing.
And she does so, well.
Wearing necklaces of goldy-looks, she made me think the other day.  I like that colour.  That kind of spangly, shimmery colour…. in its brassier, brushed, almost crusty version of itself {rather than its super shiny metallic style}.. I like it.  Quite a lot.
What would I do with it….

With those shoes.. we’re getting a bit sequin-y, I thought.  Until I saw this most lovely, most spangly, most stunning bride in gold….

Oh to the swoon.  What a lady.  With all her golden dress loveliness. Oh my.

So, Hello Gold.
I want to wear wedding rings that look like this..
And be inspired by book covers as pretty as these.. {LOVE The Great Gatsby}
Then send guests invites in pretty crusted envelopes..
Asking them to come see my gold paper flower festooned walls..
And my diy tissue garland of golden and fringe..
At a wedding of spangle and bright colours…
Or, maybe more likely, one of milk and honey style table decorations..
{Which at the sister would wear gold sparkly shoes like those..}

Yup, this is how our wedding could be.. I’m inspired, to be golden.
All that glitters is.

Love Claire
{inspired by Nikki} x


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