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{Real wedding} Lauren & Scofield’s perfectly vintage, outdoor wedding of succulents & mint pretty.

Ohhoho I’ve been looking so so forward to sharing this post with you all!!!
These pictures, this wedding… I almost cried with the merryness just looking at them….

With love and admiration and respect for this couple and their beautiful day, caught in the most amazing way by our picture-taking genius of a pal, Joyeuse Photography.. I feel inspired.
This wedding, is just the most perfect thing…
If vintage inspired, outdoor, detail-foo w-days are the ones you love {like they are mine}… You’re going to be swooned by this one.  SA-WOON’d.
Lauren & Scofield… Your wedding is the loveliest.
From the giant outside doors {just wait!!}, to the girls gorgeous dressing gown/robes, to the succulents {my favourite wedding detail} and the flowers, to the pretty, pretty furniture…
Oh to the my {to the oh}.
Joyeuse Photography… we heart you and your couples.. very much….

Did you love it? This wedding? Is it not your absolute FAVOURITE EVER?!! Sorry.  I can’t contain it.. I want to move to a sunny place, so we can have the wedding we both want.. a wedding like Lauren & Scofield had.. with all the things I love.. the fat plants, the inside outside, the letterbox and the festoon lights.  And I want to invite them along… for they look like a lovely, fun couple, non?

Here’s to them… to the inspiring, creative folks who made this wedding…
Here’s to Lauren and Scofield!!!
And your perfect photographer…. Joyeuse Photography, for taking pictures that summon almost-tears of irrational merryness at strangers weddings.  Good job lady.  We hope to have you over here soon…..

How good an offer is that {I said.. whaaaaaaat}  Any bride-ys or wedding-havers needing an amazing photographer… and wanting their day to be that bit different.. Here’s a way to do it.. Get Tahni over here taking your pictures!! She’s from all the way across that big pond!  That would be too amazing..
Just get in touch with us at Be for details….

Much wedding love,
Claire x


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