{plan be}

{Plan Be} The who’s and the who-not’s..

I feel like the same may go for wedding guests…. You can’t have everyone. Where would you put them???

I have a rather large family.  Rather huge.  And I’m talking immediates here.  Mr D, also has a rather large family.  Less immediate, but live in same town, therefore, rather close {Like, almost next door}.
So, where my family are many, and spread over the country {and world}.. his family are not-as-many but much closer together.
So, two huge big families are joining by way of Mr D and I.  We can’t possibly have a small wedding.  We would probably suit a small one.  Would even kind of like, a small one.  But a small one we shant have.  And this is the reason {it’s almost a riddle}…

I have five lovely big sisters {Be-Nikki is oh but one}.  Each of these 5 lovely sisters has lovely children {2 threes and 3 twos}. That makes twelve. Two of these twelve lovely children have a lovely child each.  And of course five lovely men made these twelve lovely children with my five lovely sisters.  And I have one lovely brother who has a lovely wife. So, add my lovely mother.. and Oh My.  It’s a rather big family.  Immediate too.  And I love them all dearly, for they are all lovely.  And we could not have a wedding without them.
So, then {I must un-riddle this, it’s pretty uncountable}.. I have many a lovely Uncle and Aunt {and Step-type-Aunt} who I happen to love dearly, and many many many a lovely cousin, some of whom have lovely babies.  Need I go on.
These people too, these a-bit-less-immediate people, I could not imagine having a wedding such as ours, without either.  In fairness, we don’t see each other often, nor do us sisters, and at times it can be months, or longer, quite terribly.  But when we do get together, the fun is rife, the banter is plenty and we all have the love.  Much of it too.
Mr D and his lot, on the other hand, all live near by, and see each other often, from a lovely brother and two lovely parents to Uncles and Aunts {all equally lovely} and cousins and 2nds {also all lovely} to the four lovely Grandparents and then Great-Aunts and Uncles {!!}… My head spins.
So there are many, many, lovely people.  And as untraditional as we may be…
This is why we must have the big wedding.

And so we write guest lists.  After guest list after guest list.  After guest list.  Trying with all our noggin power to work out how to fit our people in.  In to a marquee.  In to a field {which we can’t make bigger}.
And its a puzzle.
A big, difficulty-level-HIGH, people-fitting, chair jostling jigsaw.
With riddles for instructions.

The family, they are coming {well, I hope they do, they might decline, I shouldn’t assume}.  The besties, they are coming also {again, I’m assuming}.
But what about all the other lovely people?  The ones we really like.  The ones that are fun. The ones we grew up with but maybe don’t see much of now.  The ones we spend each day at work with {and we both love our work so you know}.  The ones we have stories with, even though they are stories from the past.  The ones we spent christmas with back in ’99.   The ones other people think we must ask.  Oh it’s a tough one, this wedding guest list malarky.  And it caused us nothing but jip back at the start….  Wedding-fecking-politics.

For at first we were having an all day affair.  One at which each person was there for the day, the whole day, and maybe even the next day.  We imagined all being at all and seeing all, eating all, dancing with all, all the times.
But then wedding crunch came to crunch {hmhm money was counted}, and this can not be.  For as I explained, the lovely people are much too many.  We don’t have the pennies for a gigantic hog {or 3}, or unlimited space on that hill where we’ll be.
And so we begin the daytime to evening conundrum….  Breaking our day in two. {Boohoo}.
The who’s and the who’s nots and the who-should-mights and justs,, come day or night?
And we realise…
Oh, If we’re having people come just in the evening {which by the way begins at half 5.. more for your day, wink wink}, we could really get away with maybe some more….  We could invite this lovely so and that lovely so……
And we write another list….

Help. !



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