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Stripes I like.. {some style inspiration}

Merry Thursday.

Today it’s been work work, babysit the sisters girls {my favourite little people}, chat flower girl plans with them, find out which of my ideas they think are rubbish {the kiddos are a bit honest..}, come home, eat, email, house stuff {eesh} and now, tell you how much I love stripes.

I love stripes.  A big bit.  And I’ve got all these stripy ideas and likes for the wedding.  I’ve also got lots of pictures of lovely stripy things… for this here blogtale.
So I open them up on this here laptop, to find I have many.  Much too many.  Stripy paper, stripy dresses, stripy ladies, stripy ties.  I’ve been seeing and saving for far too long now…. I must sort out the stripes.
So, as a sneak peek type tale, here is some favourite wedding-y stripes for ogling… {of the dark coloured variety}..

The most pretty casual stripy bridesmaids
To the most pretty stripy hair accessory
To the prettiest navy striped invitations..

I love the stripy-ness.
I’ll show you for why with more pictures soon..

Love Claire x


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