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Stripes and stripy things. We like them. {some wedding inspiration}

Saturday.  Stripes.  Both nice things.
I, the other day, bloggered a wee bit about stripes….. but not nearly enough. I had so many striped pictures I liked, I had to pick my favourites.  This is them.

I think they are quite cool things, stripes.  Quite quirky, laid back things.  Apart from those pin-stripe-types.. they are a bit more fancy, bit more formal… I’m more taken with the fatter ones, the sometimes-irregular-ones, the ones that, if they were people, not pattern, would live on or near the beach, probably.  Those stripes.  They are the favourites of mine.  I particular like them on many a different thing, in different widths, in different shades, next to different patterns.  But that’s just me {that’s just me}.
Stripy weddings? We love.

Oh my to bridesmaids in stripy, pompom trimmed dresses {my favourite}…
Or stripes in shades of grey
Or have your gurls in very cool black and white chunky striped numbers… {so cool I blogged it twice}
Even have your groom-type in a dapper striped bow tie….
Or he could go black and white like your bridesmaids could, with a stripy monochrome tie {and clashing shirt. yes please. that’s a whole other blogtale!}
Eat some cake with stripes on…
Or make a rainbow striped cheesecake! {I shall try}
Festoon some things with stripy washi tape
And have your guesties drink from straws of stripe…
Walk on floors of colourful stripes {which you DIYd}…
Even invite folks on some stripy numbers.

It could be a real stripy affair.
I think it just might be.

Love Claire x


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