{plan be}

{Plan Be} Honey-tripping..part 1

Yuk start to the week with some sort of cruddy bug.  It lives in my head, runs around {with boots on}, and tells my belly to act weird, also.
Basically I’m not feeling great.  And bed is feeling amazing.
So, to make cheery thoughts inside my crappy head, from my bed,  I’m chatting about the honeymoon.
The Honey-Trip.  {Because a ‘moon just isn’t long enough}……..

Yup, we’re not just holiday-ing as newlyweds.. we’re going to stay a while… train it through Europe maybe {ohoho!}… and we may just make Paris our first stop… La Swoon.

Plans are being made for our wee newly-wed adventure honey-trip.. and it fair makes me merry.  Next month, for Mr Ds b-day, we’ll be booking flight number one… I’ll be keeping onything crossed for France first up. {I want to stroll along lovely streets smoking cigarettes and looking all stylish with my hat…}

I’ll keep you posted with the plans as we decide them… and if anyone has any tales they could tell us or places we should go… please, do tell!!
{Must sleep again.. I’ve annoyed the bug. The bugger}

Love Claire x


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