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Orange and others.. {some colour inspiration}

Sound a bit much? It does, I agree. And I don’t even really like orange. I’ve never taken to it . Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike ANY colour really, I’m just saying.. It’s not my favourite.
It went all Moroccan on my ass, and mixed itself up with turquoise and pink…. and you know what, it goes.
Orange, you suddenly became very like-able.
Bright, warm, slightly odd but fun. {With the potential to be horrendous.. but isn’t}
What a team.

Or do it… but be calm and pastel-y about it…

Oh, so, nice.

Those amazing colourfoo, striped stairs
To pretty orange and pink flowers in blue jars…
You could make a fun diy paper fringe backdrop thingy…
Or wear a orange, turquoise and pink, necklace {with your wedding dress even…}
Decorate your tables with colour.. bright flowers on contrasting blue crockery..
And colour-up your table plan too…
Carry a bouquet of pink and orange, all little bits of blue..
Or go pastel with it, all over your tables and walls…

Brights are not my thing… apart from the odd sneaky bit getting involved on the odd outfit, or wall…
But… orange pink and a bit turquoise.. {when you are either bright or mellow}… I think I like you.
For you are snazzy. {excuse that word}

Love Claire x


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