{plan be}

{Plan Be} Lets dance.

Merry Mondays. {Merry for I am on my sofa eating cheesecake with laziness in my heart. Lovely.}
For a week that started with the crud of all bugs, a messy house and all that comes with those two things… It turned into quite a fun-foo weekend.

Friday was a trip to Nandos for the stuffing of faces.  And the finding out that our most amazing Glasgow Wedding Collective photo shoot, Desire Decadence and Decay, is featured in the new issue of Best Scottish Wedding magazine.  Woopdoo!

After the embarrassment my face gave me, {it’s not a good face to be glossy}, we were fair chuffed that Be had another magazine mention. {High fives all round}
Add a visit from a nephew and his lady, for cocktails and family banters, I name the day Fun Friday.

And on this Fun Friday, we had many a new idea…. wedding ideas, honey-trip ones, work ones and weekend ones.  And one in particularly big one…
The wedding of me and Mr D, should have a band…

How fun would the wedding singer be. sigh.

Let me tell you our plans up til now…
We love the music.  Love love the music.  And I love love to dance.  And so, we didn’t mind not having the budget for a band.  For wedding bands are not our favourite thing.
We want to pick the songs.  ALL the songs.  The songs we love, the ones that make us dance the socks off our pants.  We want to be in charge, be our own music men.  To love every single song.  LOVE.  Is that taking it too far?
We won’t be selfish about it, do not be worrying wedding-goers, we promise to have you wanting to dance also, we promise our music tastes are varied and vast and sure to get your boogie shoes shufflin.

We won’t be playing songs you’ve never heard, or don’t like, all night.  No.  But we are sure, to the shoe, that we don’t want certain songs.  The ones, you know, the wedding songs…  The love ones, etc. {We’re fussy buggers like that}

So {with the help of a singing-guitar-playing-pal or two} our day was to float along nicely to the sound of our i-pod.  Our i-pod, playing our favourites.  EXCITED.
But then….

Fun Friday happened a band upon us.  A band so good, and much fun, that we are hugely reconsidering our decision.  Could we find the moneys to pay for said band?? They are not of wedding-band-kind, so {and I say this merrily} are not of wedding-band prices {hurrah!}. Can we stretch our already-much-too-stretched budget enough to get ourselves some band-y-ness for an hour….
That’s all we would have, an hour of them.  In between our musical pals, and the i-pod of perfect, we want a piece of these guys and their feet shufflin’ talents.  One hour of unexpected songs and dancing we haven’t done yet.  Yes please.

I think we shall.

Love Claire x


One thought on “{Plan Be} Lets dance.

  1. DO IT! Seriously, find the extra wonga, it’s so worth it for the incredible life giving emotional musical thrill a band can bring. I am biased, my (mostly mental) family are musicians of all genres. Our wedding band was admittedly a product of fabulousness thanks to my brother – he’s drummer for belle & sebastian, tired pony & snow patrol…yeah, I know. BUT, that aside, it was a collaboration of people we like very much and songs we love. First dance was sandy nelson singing rod stewart’s ‘you’re in my heart’, swoonsville. Anyway, choose well my love, there’s a lot of tosh out there. There’s a perth 2 piece called booze n daze that plays teenage kicks on the accordion…?x

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