be inspired / decorate

Be making bright things.

I’m trying to have a computer clear out.  It’s not fun.  I’ve now learned to save the links to pictures I save.  But before… I was a click and saver.  On ANYTHING I liked.  So my computer now has the memory of a gold fish. And a ridiculous amount of pictures of things.
Thank feckers for Pinterest {we heart it so.. and pin much. see here}.

So I go about my day then come home and try and delete things.
Deleting is not my strong point.  I like stuff, even if it doesn’t work, or I no longer need it, or it’s broken, or has holes in, or I’ve found a better alternative, or I don’t even like it anymore… I find it difficult to let go.  A hoarder I may be.  But sometimes hoarding is good, I say.  Because you might need it {whatever it may be} someday.  {I can hear the sister and Mr D cracking up at me right now… they… they throw away.  It’s a skill.  One I lack.}

So, every so often I’m going to post some pictures that I saved because I liked, or planned to use, or planned to blog… but never.

Today, since we had a bit of a bright bloggy week, it’s bright things.  To make.  To festoon with…

{When I first had seen enough bunting.. I thought Oh. This would be nice as a backdrop.  Yes, bunting is still fun}

{I have all these paper espresso cups {thanks work} and pretty mismatched paper to make such a garland for the little peoples bedrooms… I’ll do it soon… I will}

{I loved these scruffy looking ribbon lights…. and still do, so I do.  I’m making these this week, I am, but going darker and lace….}

{And this is the simplest chair decor.  And I still love it, so I do}

{This is a favourite.. The wool pompom garland of many colours.. You’ll never get old to me, wool pom}

{And then there were the paper party hats.  Although I made some at crimbo, I had vowed to make them for every occasion.  I fail.  I’m glad I found you, party hat picture. You will be made again.}

See, I’m glad I don’t delete things.  Even when my favourites have changed.  Finding things is fun.
And it’s got me feeling crafty, which I need to be this week.
Inspired, hurrah!

Love Claire x


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