be at work

Be… back soon.

OOft.  That’s almost as much as I can muster, that ooft.  The words and the time to find them just isn’t there.  But we are here!!  Behind the blog-scene we are working hard for our busiest month {and coming-weekend} EVER in Be-land.  It’s all a go-go.
No need to wake me up, George. {Harhar, please excuse me, I’m rather sleepy, and when sleepy..silly}

But no time for silliness.  We must go to a ball {as Cinders’ did}.  But before we can go.. though {I rhyme}.. we must MAKE the ball…. Eesh!
and.. woop!
But.. in reverse of Cinderella.. since I’m the worrying kind.. I’m pretty scared I might turn into a squash-type vegetable BEFORE said ball.. because time is running out.. A ball {we will tell all later}, a weekend wedding show {come see us!}, and a wedding.. all in a wee 3 day shift.  And only 3 more sleeps away!
Couldn’t be more excited and stressed at the same time if it was our own wedding day and I had lost a eyebrow.  {Only analogy I could think of. I’m very tired}
This shall be.. a very big weekend of busy and funs and hopefully high fives.  From all.

So.. now I’ve explained… with time moving way faster than 60 minutes an hour, I’m sure of it, we, Be holding back our best blogtales for now, with the plan to make October, the best bloggety-tale-foo month yet.

We have real-life weddings to swoon over, amazing suppliers to show off {GWC types..woo!}, some inspiration of the colour-kind, tales to tell of the busy September and much much Plan Be wedding chat {yup, we’ve made progress somehow..hurrah}.

So please, come back and read us.
We like you.
And October will be fun.

Love Claire x

{Art by Lisa Congdon. We love her}


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