{plan be}

{Plan Be} The big tent.

October it is.  September no more.  Phew.  And we’ll be bloggering on about the month we had, what we’ve done, what we’ve learned and the lovely people we’ve worked with, soon.   It was fun.

So far, though, October has been a sleepy one.
As in, that’s all I’ve done since the 1st.  Sleep.  And work the day job.  I find myself being a lazy bugger.  And I like it.
{I’m taking lessons from the husband-to-be Mr D, in to-do list dodging. He’s the best}

But dodge no more.  The list is big.  And on it, is our wedding.
Oh yeah, we really need to do stuff for that eh, says he.  Eh, yeah.

We have save-the-dates to send, a Humanist to meet, a hog to choose, a list of guests to sort out, chairs to find {this is a problem}, an almost band to decide on, tiny little glasses to collect, a dress to think up {that’s the fun one}.. and they are just the Octobers really.  With a push to November if desperado. Eesh.  Why?  Why, you ask.  Why such a rush?

7 months to go. Ages.
But with a getting-busier Be business and a lazy-buggered Mr D, two months of birthdays and then the festive.. It’s soon to be 2013, really.  Because these months, they fly.  And in February-ish we move out of our perfect lovely little house.
And in with the in-laws.
There will be packing, and stressing, and Be Eventful things and the leaving of the day job, and more packing.  Whilst living in a house foo of people…. Oh.
No time.  There will be no time.

This is why October is Do month.  As is November.  {December? It’s for hanging things and drinking things.  Gin mostly.  And baileys}

One thing we have done {finally}… is book our marquee.  The place of party.  Hurrah!!  This is a big one.  In size, and importance.  We didn’t want white, or shiny, or window’d, you see.  Not elegant, or drape-y or polished.
We wanted a big old tent.  A big old tent with poles in.  A bit grubby round the edges, with a floor of wood and a door.  That is all.

That’s what we both wanted.  We called it, Our big tent.  No white, shiny, clearspan marquee would do.

And so we phoned them all.  The marquee companies we found.  We phoned, we chatted, we described.  And OOFT what a pain in the erse.  Yes we know there are newer tents to be had.  No we don’t fancy a nice window’d number.  Yes we’re aware it’s a bit old.  NO WE DON’T WANT IT DRAPED.  We want it as it is.  YES even if it’s A BIT GRUBBY.  Jings.  WE LIKE GRUBBY THINGS OK.
{By the way, we are not grubby people, just so you know.  We’re not stinky or anything.  Just so you know..}
We just like what we like.  And have an idea in our noggins.

So the marquee became a bit of a stress for a minute or two, after each call… Talk about expensive tents.  Sheesh.  Hmmmm, what to do, we said.

And then we spoke to a lovely man.  A lovely man who had just the tent.  Hurrah!  And it will look like the tents in our wee perfect w-day thoughts…

One thing off the to do list.
Merry wedding-havers we are.

And soon we will share this man and his tents with you on here.  On the Plan Be supplier list.. it’s a good ‘un!

Love Claire x

{picture of lovely tent from here}


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