I heart flowers.. Be hearts flowers.

Glasgow Wedding Collective buddy!! Wooo!
In the run up to our next GWC fayre {14th October.. woo!} .. It’s time to show off some more of our very talented, fellow GWC suppliers…
Starting with…

A flowery-one.
Look.. Ogle the flowers…

{the following images are by the picture-taking little wizard, Caroline of Candysnaps.. another GWC buddy… double hurrah!} ….
Oh how I love these flowers {and pictures} so…

Oh to the my.  Big floral swoon.
The GWC sure knows how to pick ’em…

This is the work of Sophie from I Heart Flowers.
& Be hearts her!!

With a love for all things floral and plant, this young lady hearts anything bright, unusual, fun or vintage.  Wild-looking or structured, black, white or brights, her bouquets {and buttonholes. AND table flowers} are most definitely swoon-worthy…
We can prove it….
{the following images are by the lovely, talented Lillian and Leonard…}…

The black and white… the pastels… the leafyness… IT’S ALL SO PRETTY!!!
The lady does good.
And this florist sure has plenty ideas to inspire you…
Here are some images from a collaborative photo shoot that I Heart Flowers was part of….
Autumn inspiration indeed….
{image by Mack Photography}

{following images by Zoe Campbell Photography}

Cotton and leafy and berry-things, oh my.  {And, can I just say one more time, COTTON. Looooove it!}
We heart I Heart Flowers.

Have a gander at Sophie’s blog, for much more of her lovely work….

Come see us all in a couple of weeks….

It’ll be fun! {And…it’s free. Whaaaat? Free, I tell ye}.

Love xx


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