{plan be}

{Plan Be} Saving dates..

Merry Sunday with a hint of hangover.

With a random Saturday night off for Mr D, the evening was to be one of whisky and xfactor {the latter made bearable by the former.. I love to sing when whisky-drunk}.
But a last minute decision to take a walk up the hill and happen upon a little gig of European music and dancing has left us this morning with some balkan-disco pain and hangovers.  The Balkanarama.. it got us good.

So today is now about much-too-long-a-lie, lazy lunch making, freezing cold and lovely walks {my favourite weather is on today, yon sunny cold days}, the new series of Homeland {friggin’ woop} and some drunk-shake-handwriting on big bundles of postcards……

Yup it’s time for Save the Dates.
A thing we thought we wouldn’t do, but now are.
With a family big and far.. To spread word of wedding has been a long job. One that we’ve kind of left to the mothers… oops? Speaking to a hundred people about a day a year away and the wheres and the whens and the hows… ooft.  I feel it may take a while… But the people.. They want to know.  Where they are going and when.  Why and who with and how long.  OH all the questions.
And so we are sending out a wee note of the day and the place and the why.  And it’s actually getting us a bit merry….

7 months…. it’s getting a bit exciting, I would say.

Here’s to saving dates {and hungover handwriting}

Love x


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