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It’s Autumn, so fall.

This season, I love it so.
The colours, the layers, the warming up of the little house, the black tights, and the boots, the flowers, the food, and the whisky, the patterns and the walks… I love it all.  The early dark and the excuse to stay in {drinking whisky wearing layers}.  Or the excuse to go out, wrapped up, to a pub {drinking whisky wearing boots}.  Its warm.  Its cosy.  It’s a favourite time.  For sure….
This is for why..

These things make me sigh, for Autumn is so friggin’ pretty.  Oh to put on my boots, layer up in a leather jacket, wear a favourite hat, and donder around in this most loveliest of dresses…

I could really have cried a bit on seeing that dress.  Autumn perfect.  In the prettiest of mismatched pattern, colour and fabric. Serious swoon.

One other thing I love about the season of leaves and squash..
Burgundy. {I know!}  A colour so close to being horrid and so easily made so.. Burgundy, I actually like you a lot.  And in Autumn, it rears its almost ugly, but really rather pretty head…

So why not a wedding of dark red and plum and berries and boots {and a wee hint of gold….}

Burgundy-ishs.  We like you a lot.  You inspire me to want..

To bake a berry-foo pie..
To ogle pretty people in colour and pattern..
To eat cakes of pink icing {on a table so lovely}..
And wear a dress of floral and all the fall colours..
To have wedding-ladies in burgundy {and shoes of the same}…
And have men wear buttonholes of succulents and red..
To decorate my tables with plums and some gold..
And carry a bouquet of dark reds, green and berry..
While meeting my groom-man wearing such a burgundy suit..
So we can eat off pretty dark plates on pretty dark tables..
And get merry and drunk on Autumn-y drinks

Oh to bring forward our day for all these ideas…
I would.  You could?  Oh, You should.
For now, I’ll just ogle the colours.  And wear lots of clothes.
Go burgundy.
It’s Autumn.

Love Claire


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