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Blush on black {some colour inspiration}

Merry Fridays here.  Hooray and hurrah.  For it has been a week of long days and cruddy weather {and we’re off galavanting with team SP to drink cocktails and high five each other}.  So..

Here’s to colour. And all it can do. When it’s a cruddy week with the weather, I sometimes decide not to give a crap and stare at pretty things. Like colours. The other day, walking home with a couple of favourite little people {the sisters little people}.. Bella asked me what my favourite colour was.. And I genuinely couldn’t decide.. Blues. No greens. No pastels. I like them all!! I said. To which she replied.. so does mummy. Harhar this made me laugh. For we are the same, me and the other Be, but oh so different. Where she likes some pinks, I mostly don’t. Where I wear black, she may avoid it. Oh but put them together…..

Ooft ooft ooft, another swoony wee colour team.  One we both love, and a particularly big favourite of the sister Nikki’s…

Blush and black.

Black on blush. The dark the light.. the harsh the soft. The pink on ink. We. Love. It. For wedding, for wearing, for staring…

SA-WOON!!  We loves a little colour combo we do. And a pretty wee blushing pink is a perfect wife for good ol’ handsome black.  Don’t you think??

On you go.. get out and make yoursel’ blush on this black, {rainy} night.

Love Claire x

{pretty blush and black things  … one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven}


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