{plan be}

{Plan Be} Honey-tripping. part two.

Friday.  A freezing one.  And a long week it’s been so far.. {ending in a lovely wee Be Eventful wedding tomorrow… funs all round.  Hopefully get to share some pictures later..}

We’ve had a Mister Be birthday this week.. Mr D was 23. Hiphiphooray{ee}.  And along with lots of birthday funs {and food.. and too many boozy things} we got lots of rather fun, feck-its-time-to-get-excited, wedding list ticks off…
TWO new w-day suppliers that we can’t wait to tell you about {oooooooofty!!}, an arrival of much needed supplies in the post, a big chair problem discussed, agreed on and solved, woop, {seems like a small thing, but we really don’t like most chairs…so eh it’s a pretty big issue..} and, the most exciting thing of all…
The honey-trip plan took {plane}shape..

We shall.
Since it was Mr D’s big big hooray birthday {and we can’t spend money on anything other than wedding….}
As his present… we booked flights for honey-trip leg one, just to say happy day to you, Mr D!  And happy day it was… {for me too}
WE. BOOKED. yaaaaaaaaaasyay. It is happening.
Where to where to????
Well we rummaged about the old tinternet and decided to go with the cheapiest of plane rides we could find, to any of our favoured places-to-go…..
And we high-fived in agreement on…
Feck feck hooray!!  We can. not. wait.

PRAGUE.  Ocht its been high on the go-to-wishlist for long times.. and now it’s the starting point for our hopefully-much-too-long-to-be-a-standard-honeymoon, trip.  Merry big faces.

The day after our wedding-long-weekend, the then-husband and I will fly away.  To walk around a city so pretty, whilst rather lost {no doubt} and merry on Prague beer {most likely}.  It will be, ridiculously, our first holiday together, as well as our first real day in real life as real man and lady-wife.  It’s a big one, That day.  A big day.  Possibly bigger than the w-day itself? Probably.  As, on w-day/day-after, I have a sneaky wee feeling that we will be busy, merry, very much dancing/busy, hungover, very much tidying.  And that same sneaky wee feeling tells me that after all that wedding buffoonery, it may well be the day we fly away that it all seems strange…  Did that just happen?  Are we married?  What will we plan now??
Isn’t that what happens?? It’s all about the wedding, for months or weeks or years even.. then it’s happening and it’s fun {your hoping} then it’s over.  Just like that {Tommy Cooper voice please}.
After the sisters wedding.. we were all a bit doon. In the dumps a bit.  Slumpy.  Just for a day or so.. We were a bit stuck for something to do.. nothing to plan.. no excuse to sit in the house drinking wine and whisky, organising {it was all in the name of a good wedding}.  What would we do next the sister and I??
Then they, the M’s, buggered off on honeymoon and got all tanned and merry and….. stuck actually.. the big buggering ash cloud, remember that? Well it, quite kindly, gave the sister and Mr M an extra few days honeymoon.  Not bad eh?  Anyway, I’m not too keen on that oh it’s finished feeling… I get rather involved and attached {then emotional.. eesh} and so we thought.. Bugger it to feck, lets just get buggering right off, right away.  For why ever not?? Honeymoon.  Lets go.  And go for some while.
We’re both in jobs we love but are both ready for a move, our flat here is the loveliest most perfect little nest, but was never forever, Be Eventful is doing well and hopefully if it carries on I won’t be wanting to leave it after next year {all digits crossed} and for now I can work from abroad {eh sis!!}, Mr D and I, we’ve never been away together yet, so what better time?  We’re getting married and we’re using it as an excuse to just go.  Go and do.  And be. For the funs!

When we’ll come back.. that all depends on the penny saving motion we’ve got going on right now… and how lazy we are when we get under the sun.. So, eh, we may well be back after a few weeks…..

But for now, in our noggins, getting married is our perfect excuse to go wandering around our oyster.  Why ruddy not, eh?
For next months birthday.. we’ll book leg 2.  Hiphiphoorah.
Prague to…..

Love Claire x


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