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Paper love. Save the date inspiration…

Jings crivens and help ma boab. {As the Dad used to say}.  It’s November.
I have no idea how we got to November.  But I know that September AND Octobers wday to-do lists got dodged.  It’s a rollover.  This months task list is as huge as a big massive thing.  And first on it is the Save the Dates… {eesh I’ve been talking about this for way too long}
So finally our bits and bobs arrived in the post and all we have to do is put them together. Piece of paper cake.  So I thought.  But it’s still not done.  Now… I’m on it.  Tonight’s the night.

I love paper.  Paper and fonts and pens and hand writing.  Notebooks and diaries and address books and journals and stickers and cards {I only buy cards I love. ever} and washi tape and coloured stuff.  It’s a bit weird.  Now, I’m a fairly messy person.. in that I have things and stuff and bits of paper everywhere..
But..  draw on my notebook or make a mistake in my diary.. I don’t like it.  Just the other day, I RUINED {yep, I say RUINED} my address book because my pen was rubbish and made my writing horrible.  So, I’ll need a new one.  I want a whole new address book.  That one can be my messy, write-it-quick one.  I know, weird.

So, with such a paper love.. Ogling wedding stationery has been much fun for me… Colours and fonts and envelopes and ideas.. Ooft.  If I had money, I tell ye.
But, we’re on a wee budget and we had a wee idea.. and so we rolled with it {or are currently rolling with it, should I say}..
When all is writ and done.. I shall post a picture.

Over the months {or years since the sisters wedding even!}, I’ve seen {and loved} a good few Save the Date ideas….
Some favourites… Get inspired..

Postcard style.. {from Oh So Beautiful Paper}

Story style… {from Green Wedding Shoes by Two Paperdolls}

DIY style {with washi tape.. woo!} {from Oh So Beautiful Paper}

With a picture.. {from LoveVsDesign}

Calender style… {From April Foster Events}

Stamped.. {from Oh So Beautiful Paper}

Tied… {from Oh So Beautiful Paper}

Then, oh my, on vintage handkerchiefs.. {from 100 Layer Cake}

Oh le papier swoon.  I love them all.  And that’s just a few.
Hurrah for Mr D and his decision making ability.  If not for him, I would ogle wedding paper pretty for ever more and no one would ever get one.

Saying that.. I should really be sticking and addressing.. eh.. now.

Love Claire x

{Ps.. Oh So Beautiful Paper.. my most favourite place for paper inspiration, go see.}


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