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For the love of cake.


I also love to bake…. Wedding cake?  I won’t be seeing you.  For I will be baking a cake of the non-wedding-y kind {I’m sure a wee fruit loaf type will be lurking around somewhere for you traditionalists though, do not fret}.  But I, and the Mr D {who is not a lover of any cake really.. weirdo} we have decided to go down the handmade route with all aspects of wedding.. This includes cake.
HOWEVER…. If someone was to say.. Hmmm I love to bake.. Hows about a wee wedding day cake such as this one made by my fair egg-beating hands….

I would say Oh my, I can’t eat that! For it is too pretty! I’ll just keep it as an ornament. I really am fairly sure, I would not want to cut a cake so pretty….

Nor one so stripy. {I like it.. the whole stripy cake thing}
But I really want a cake that looks all handmade and lovely and {no doubt if I’m baking it} too squidgy or too chocolate-y or sat squint.  Just plain feckin’ yummy looking…
These, are the cakes that I love for our kind of wday… The ones I want to bake and take pictures of.. and then scoff.  Like..

Loverly iced ones…

Loverly ombre ones…

Loverly festooned ones…

Loverly chocolate ones..

All of the above, we love.  {Although the yellow one at the top.. I named that favourite cake back when I first saw it….}
And so, I’ll set about making a cake of our own {and asking clever guests to give it a bash also…}  On the day.. the cake thats worked.. {and looks the prettiest, whether iced or squint or chocolate or sunk}.. wins. And will get some flowers and a cake-topper as a crown. Hurrah!

And I’m thinking.. if I run out of time {again, most likely}.. We can have a naked cake. I love these alot.  Why not? Cakes can be without icing and still be lovely.  And tasty… and look, rather nice to look at..
Infact, sometimes I like the nakey ones even more…

That cake is called a Jane.  Because it’s plain.  But very lovely.  All the same.
As is this big bare bugger… {I swooned on first sight… I swooned… at a cake}

Oh my.  Really, who needs fancy decorations and stuff.  I want to eat THAT.

Like a person.. fancy gear is just not necessary.   Beauty is on the inside people.
Here’s to cakes.. and being naked sometimes.

Love {for cake} Claire x

{cake one two three four five six seven eight nine ten}


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