real weddings

{Real Wedding} Sunshine, sisters & a whole lot of love.

Good morning Thursday….. it’s a day for a real wedding!

We love a story, we love sisters {obvs}, we love it when families come together, we love it when the sun shines and we love small people at weddings.
This one has the lot and guess what? We LOVE it.

Linzie Russo is the lovely lady responsible for these pretty pictures.  And, not only is she the photographer, she’s also the Bridesmaid, and the Sister.
{like me next year, minus the official photography part}.
We met Linzie when she popped by our stand at the last Glasgow Wedding Collective Fayre. We swooned over her lovely little family and chatted weddings and pictures and Australia and Glasgow. Lovely lass….
So when Linzie sent us over her sister’s wedding with tales of such a beautiful day, we swooned a little more.

Sally and Allan got married earlier this year with their 5 gorgeous little children taking centre stage, two lovely west coast venues, Portland Church and Troon Town Hall, and were lucky enough to have the sunniest day of a very non sunny 2012 Summer.

A crafty bride, Sally made her own brooch bouquet and personalised the day with loads of handmade details, gathering ideas and inspiration from Pinterest.  Sally added some flowery prettyness from Cranberry Cottage in Ayr and, everything combined, created such a pretty day!

With a curry and ceilidh for the reception, Sally and Allan made sure this was a fun filled day that everyone would remember….
Linzie told us…
“It was so wonderful and brings a tear to my eye thinking back on it…and it wasn’t even MY wedding. I am just proud I was able to photograph it for them”.
I heart these sisters. And this family for they are lovely.

This wee wedding made me cry a little..
A beautiful, emotional, love filled day with laughter and tears and thoughts of a loved one not there.  It reminded me of my wedding……..

Here’s to happy wedding days….

Thanks to Linzie for sharing the pictures….
And to Sally & Alan, all the love in the world.

Love Nikki @ Be x


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