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Black and white. It’s that simple. {some colour inspiration}

Colours.  Be likes them all.  For me, the more the merrier, much of the time.  And the wedding of Be’s me and Mr D, will be colour-foo, for sure.
But, sometimes, you don’t need them.  Sometimes, less really is more {and I NEVER say that.  Unless discussing makeup, or mushrooms. Things I don’t like much of}.
What I mean, is sometimes the most inspiring, most pretty, most stylish things, are simple.  Complimenting… but rather casual.  And, pretty darn cool…

Do as the sister did, go for a wedding of Black & White….

A very swoony combo, indeed.  Black on white, or, white on black… In pattern or in block.. With stripes, or polka dot… In flower or on cake….
Be loves this colour team,,,

In words and on tables, on maids and on men.

Washi tape.. chalk boards… flags… simple type.  Table plans… invites… jewellery..
{Black and white bling, we definitely love}

Dress yourself in black and white.  And twirl around in shoes of the same.

Then dress your men and dress your table… Why not.

Plain black and white.  It’s lovely.
Black white and GOLD. Black white and STRIPES.  Black white and PINK.  Black white and dots.  Black white and GREY.  It’s ALL so very lovely.
Oh to the my to the oh my.  The possibilities are endless with these two swoony shades.

Love Be x

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