be personal

Being just me and us. {and hangover}.

A fair bit of this has been had..

It’s been a week of broken computers, birthdays, sausages, boot shopping and tequila. And not much else.  The tequila stole all other possibilities. Thieving wee harsh thing.  {That I love dearly}.
Yup, on the night of birthday, I found myself saying.. TEQUILA.  No, just tequila.  Tequila! Only want tequila.
It ended rather wobbly.  But a wobble is always quite fun.  When you’ve not wobbled for a while.
I was hangover the next morn though.  I didn’t have one, I WAS one.
As was Mr D.  We were pretty horrible, as people go, that morning.  But it was worth it for the fun, and the bad-slow-dancing that was done {in a pub of old men where dancing is truly frowned upon}.  Ah, birthdays.  Merrys.

Whilst I’ve been drinking tequila and living in a wee world of no emails or blogging or Be responsibility {I’m not going to lie, I quite liked it}, the sister has been meeting lovely bride-y ladies and chatting photo shoots and all manner of exciting things with lots of lovely and talented wedding-types.  Plans for next year, plans for the website {can’t wait to get it launched!} Plans for Be-ing festive.  She’s been in chats about them all.
The sister’s noggin is Be HQ.
And so I must catch up. Hear all the news. Tell her my plans.  Plan my ideas.  Blog all the pretty that almost got lost in this week of bad laptops and missing files {and empty merry heads.. }

Here’s to a week of being productive and human, not hangover.

Love Claire x


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