A picture I love.

Merry Monday.

So the broken computer nonsense has bothered me more than I first thought.  Files are EVERYWHERE.  Ah so I had things saved in random places, in no set order, with funny names, folders akimbo… but I knew where everything was!! It was my wee noggin that organised them like that.  And now?? Now, they aren’t where I like them.  Now, I don’t really know where they are and what they are doing, so, I have to put them all back in there messy state, otherwise I cannot work.  So blogging has been rather difficult, and with a heap of emails to reply to and a back log of blogtales to fix.. I’m not getting anywhere in a speedy fashion.

We have loads of good stuff to share on here in the weeks running up to la crimbo..
{And lots of chat about the wedding of Me & Mr D too…}

But for noo… A picture I love..

And love it I do.  What is not to love about that picture of love.  It IS love. Meeting at a train station.. seeing your person after a time apart.. Oh my, it’s the happiest, most romantic thing.
Am I a sap??  I’m a sap. I am.
And I love it.  The love that is.

Merry Monday..
And here’s to getting back on the blog-wagon.

Love Claire x


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