be at work

A picture I love.

So, after a non-blogging week of work and snow and photo shoots and humanists and whisky-guzzling and emails and little-people-sleepovers and sick-little-people and big pre-crimbo food shops….
I decided to arrange my noggin and power through these blogtales clogging up my computer.  Hurrah!
But no, WordPress has changed on me.  Improved itself, or whatever, which has led to me spending a whole evening learning how to blog again.  Oh Nora.
Many a lovely tale of our wedding and pretty picture and real Be weddings and features to be shared… and shared they shall be {once I’ve spoken to the sister and uncomplicated things}….
Until then.. a picture I love…

a deer and light {threedeadkings}

I love deer.  And I love the light.  The colours.  The split second.
This is a picture I love.
{All a blog needs is a lovely picture…}

Oh deer, that light, its so pretty.

Love Claire x

{image from here}


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