be at work / be personal / decorate festive.

Merry almost crimbo folks.   Jeez.  It snuck up on us like a right wee sneaky thing.  But a merry time it is.

All has been oh so quiet here on the blog, unfortunately.  But all for fair reason.  Christmas snuck up on us in a pretty creepy fashion… one minute we’re organised and have all the time in the world, next thing, we {or the sister, should I say} is sick with some cruddy pre-crimbo bug, and I experienced a rather cruddy freak out about being a miserable, stingey aunty-sister-fiance-friend and started feeling as though having a wedding wasn’t a very valid reason to not be buying presents for the loved folk.  So we have spent the last fortnight finding more presents for the bambinos, trying hard not to buy any for the grown ups, going Crimbo partying {for me}, sickly wrapping things {for the sister} and generally trying to beat the festive panic.  I’m not a panick-y festive-r.. but this year {well these last couple of days}, whilst trying not to have a big crimbo.. I’ve ended up feeling just so.

Tonight, though, hooray hooray, I finally feel like we might win {or at least tie}.
The food {and much drink} shop was tackled {with merryness} today, the house is decorated, the sister is happily on her Crimbo holiday in Crieff until the eve, the little people now have lovely presents, which will be wrapped and festooned this evening, and finally {FINALLY} the Mother has agreed to come to Be HQ2 for dinner on the day.  All is well.
Hurrah for getting festive.

It’s Christmas up in here! {and I got the little runty tree I always wanted…}

little runt

snow doiliesloveslittlespomegranateunfinishedtreeedeskoursSo the pictures aren’t the best this year, Mr D’s advent calendar is up unfinished, and the festive festooning lacked it’s usual craftiness..
but I can merrily say that the hoose is cosy, warm and smellin’ like mulled things, the cupboards are foo and the alcohol is next to the tree {replacing the presents we haven’t got each other}.  And it’s just lovely.

Here’s to seeing family, getting a bit merry, then spending the night of the day with Mr D, rather drunk, in our cosy wee warm mulled house.
{with 2 whole days off work… eh.. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!}

Have a lovely festive,
Love Claire x


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