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2013 for {Be}.

So we are already a handful of days into the New Year, how did that happen???
Very happy, merry new year to all of you!!!!!

You may have noticed that our wee blog has been a bit quiet over the last wee while, well…
Both of us {Nikki & Claire} have had a lovely wee festive time out with ourselves and our families. And it’s been perfect, quiet, fun, and very much needed.
We’ve chatted, deliberated, {drank whisky}, and decided that we are taking a wee JANUARY break!!!


2012 was Be’s first year in business and, looking back over our year, it’s safe to say that we are delighted to have had such an amazing start.
As we look towards 2013, we do so with merry wee excited noggins.Β  Ones foo of plans, blogtales, ideas and all things good and wedding. {Including thoughts of one of our very own… Hurrah!}

As we go into week number two of the year {jeez..}, expect a little more quiet on this here wee blog, facebook and twitter, whilst we work together on our new website, blog schedule, forthcoming Be-weddings, THE fayre of the GWC, a BeHQ2 move, The MR D and Claire w-day plans {of which there are much of to make} and a diary foo of meetings and chats, packing, looking back and organising ahead.
2012.. you taught us well!

Here’s to a new year.
Here’s to all last year taught us.
Here’s to January.
Here’s to all our lovely 2013 wedding-havers so far!!
Here’s to planning and sorting and shifting and shaping.
See you all soon?

Love Be x

{art by Lisa Congdon}


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