be at work

Still in the quiet. A picture I love.

Hello Sunday.
Well, still muddling through January, we are, which is passing oh so quickly.  With love for our new website, to be launched very soon, and love for our new brides and all of their plans.  Love for 2013, and thoughts of all its newness, and love for the time we’ve had to get ready and well.

As we near the end of the month, with boxes piled high, no pictures left on walls, to do lists scrawled all over, messy notebooks full of February plans, sparkling windows, and tired bed heads, we think of nothing but wedding.  Our own, those of friends, and all of Be Eventfuls to come.

While the end of the start of the year draws near, we have nothing but love and boxes.  Love for us, love for family, love for Be, love for our much loved home from which we are moving from, and love for this picture, in which the people dance like we do….
In the kitchen. In the love.

dancing in the kitchenThough ours is quickly emptying, and time for dancing is little, every so often we stop, in the kitchen, and just dance.

This is a picture I love.
See you in February.
It’s all happening.

Be x


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