be at work

Be at this Fayre …

Hello February.

We, Be, are back.
I, Claire, the littler Sister, am packed up, moved, settling in, catching up on Be-mails and getting organised for February and all it’s busyness.
Nikki, the bigger Sister, is back to health, rested, Spring-cleaned,  catching up with Be-mails and, basically, out-doing me in the organised stakes {as per ruddy usual, to be fair}.
It’s all happening.

Well….Our website is not quite finished yet, so, very unprofessionally of us, we didn’t quite make our February launch date, what with all the moving houses and bug-types we had going on..
But, it will be launched soon, updated, re-jigged and muchly prettified {whoop}, our blog-tales will be told, with a vengeance {!!}, and all will be well.
For now… please Be in touch in the usual fashion, here, and we’ll get back to you even quicker now that January is over.

And then…… please please please come see us, and a big bunch of other wedding-supplier-lovelies, a week on Sunday, in Glasgow, 11 o’clock ….. Yup, it’s that time again, the Sunday that we, as a Collective, look forward to, in a rather wedding-geek fashion…..

It’s The Glasgow Wedding Collective Fayre!! {Said, in my noggin, in the voice of a boxing match intro…. to the Rocky theme tune….Just the kind of introduction it deserves..}

GWC Feb FayreCannot wait.  Come along.. have a glass of fizzy stuff..have a wander… have a dance even..
Wedding-havers, it’s a must.
Wedding-likers.. come along, it’s always good chat.
And it’s free… hoohoohooray.

We’ve moved to a new space at The Lighthouse, just off Buchanan Street, and we’re more than merry to be spending a Sunday, in cahoots with such talented folks, chatting to lovely couples and such likes.

We’re styling a table too, with our wedding-flower-buddy Sophie, of I Heart Flowers… so come say Hello upstairs 😉

Loves x


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