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Another Whisky Day…

The 11th of February.
Our Whisky Day.
It always comes around so quickly.

For those of you who don’t know of our Whisky Day tradition, it is a day to feel lucky, one of memories and a lot of love. And, of course, drinking whisky.

It began 5 years ago today, and has since been our most important family tradition. A day, to us, as sisters, more important than our birthdays. A day, to us, that we can celebrate, openly, what we think about every hour of every regular day.
Our Dad.

DadA clever, wise and kind man. Open, warm, funny and generous. Liked by all, loved by most. And missed by many.

Last year, Nikki and I wrote a special blog about our Whisky Day, and this year we planned to do the same… but with my wedding just around the corner {and us both having just watched Grey’s Anatomy!} emotions are even more fragile than usual, and we’re finding it hard to say what we’d like to, any better than we already have…
So, here is our tale, told by us one year ago…
Another age passes… And we miss him just the same..


“We love a whisky.
For two young women, we know it rather well (well enough to get many a funny look in pubs, and the odd respectful nod from older gentlemen when we say we prefer the 18yr old to the 12yr old).

Today is Whisky Day folks. And this is why…

We drink it in homage to our Dad who was, infact, a legend.

Just to be clear, he was not a whisky-guzzling drunk, he just liked a wee dram.
Neither are we, whisky-guzzling drunks. Only one day of the year.
And we spend this drunken time together, happy and sad, laughing and crying and feeling lucky.
Lucky is probably not a word that is often used when chatting about the much-too-early loss of a father, but one that we understand.

You see, ours was a father not entirely conventional, not entirely traditional, but perfect in a fatherly fashion.
We were lucky enough to have a Dad who loved us, we were lucky to have been close to him, lucky to have someone who always knew the answers to our questions.
We are who we are because of him. That’s why we feel lucky.

Our Dad, or Ruaraidh to others, was the official life and soul of everything.
He was odd, eccentric, clever, funny and spontaneous so, at the age of 50, when he announced he was going to live in Bangkok and teach English to Thai children, it didn’t really come as that much of a surprise.
He asked for our advice, we said he should go for it. And off he went.DadHe was a happy man over there, he loved his students, they loved him and he embraced the Thai culture.
He was a happy man when he died.

Our Dad always said, his wrinkles were not signs of age.. they were laughter lines.
We hope to say the same thing one day.

Because, alongside teaching us to be kind, to use good words (like prerogative and facetious.. .had them nailed since we were 8),
to never judge others, to make mistakes and learn from them, to have an open-mind and always be yourself……
he taught us to be able to laugh at ourselves.
And because of this we will be very wrinkly old women (who laugh at their own crinkles).

Whisky Day will be forever more.
A day that we will feel lucky that our Dad was our Dad.
We may have lost him him young, but we were lucky to have him as long we did.

Nikki & Dad CNV00189

So, on our Whisky Day, take the time to tell your loved ones you love them, appreciate what you’ve got and let bygones be bygones because, you quite literally, never know what’s round the corner.

“Every man dies, yet not every man lives”
He lived life to the full.


We should all do the same.
Merry Whisky Day to you all.

Love Nikki and Claire x


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