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{Real Wedding} Megan & Dan’s ‘Joyeuse’ W-day..

Happy Tuesday.
Our least favourite day {if that doesn’t sound too miserable}… you know, Tuesday, I’m always tired on Tuesday.
Good busy weekends..then..
Mondays… you just get stuck in to a Monday because you have to.
Wednesdays.. it’s mid-week, your on a roll, it’s going somewhere a Wednesday.  Tuesday? A bit of a non-day, really. Nuh. {Just make that noise.. It’s the noise a Tuesday makes.}
Please excuse the what-may-be-seen-as-a grump.
But we, Be, had such a fun weekend, that today is a non in comparison.  Let me tell you for why….

This weekend, saw the start of wedding season for Be Eventful… with our first w-day of the year.  Whoop!
At a venue the Sister is now calling a favourite… Neidpath Castle.. and with hog-roasters like Oink.. AND A CEILIDH {oor personal favourite way to cut some scottish shapes}.

The season of all things wedding couldn’t have started any better… with the Glasgow Wedding Collective Fayre the very next day.  Ooft. The fun has been rife.
The fayre was ma-hoo-sive, busy, bloomin’ pretty and ruddy good fun.
A lot of loves to our GWC buddies.. Go look at them all…

The Glasgow Wedding CollectiveThey are the best.

But anyway, this is why we are feeling the grump of a Tuesday.. and so I’m going to post some wedding pretty, for the cheering up.  Of us.  And we think you’ll love it too…. {infact.. you may even swoon a bit}…

Megan and Dan

M & DBy our blog-favourite lady, the lovely, talented gurl from America…

We have so much love for this ladies work.. her creative style and love for detail… {thus why we share real weddings by Joyeuse so very often} … The light this gal captures is oh-my beautiful and, although it may be that American weather making these outdoor weddings that we are forever sharing, possible… We LOVE all her pictures and would love to see her shooting in Scotland {even in our much grey-er, dreary light}
………. {Any wedding-havers in oor country the noo.. look out for a very special offer at the end of this post!!}

Here is the W-day of Megan & Dan…. {SA-WOOOON!!!}

This wedding makes me love weddings more.  And Joyeuse Photography couldn’t have captured it more perfectly.  Be loves.

Here’s to the lovely, happy couple, Megan and Dan!!

And for you, Bride-y & Groom-y types… You too could have such lovely pictures taken by this very lady… For Tahni {the gurl-noggin behind that camera} has a wee offer for you….

Joyeuse Photography offerWhaaaaaat! Amazing. Go ogle her website
If you want a piece of that… Be in touch!!
We would most certainly love to Be helpers on that one!

Loves x


2 thoughts on “{Real Wedding} Megan & Dan’s ‘Joyeuse’ W-day..

  1. Awww such a pretty wedding! I love the flowers and the barrels. The first look is adorable too. Gorgeousness!

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