be at work / people

Been busy Be-s.

OOft, Hullo weekend.

OK, so the Sister still has no laptop, and, Ok, so the Sister has meetings tomorrow, so, ok, the weekend is still rather busy…. BUT..
I, the lucky sod-sister, am off tomorrow.  Hooray me!
And, Mr D has decided to work a double shift today so that he is off tomorrow also..
Hooray him.
So this means, we have a Sunday together, not moving houses, not being at weddings, not being at fayres, not being at day jobs…. Dumdumduuuum.
10 weeks {so I was told by a very organised lady I know} until our wedding… We should really spend tomorrow planning our day??????? Hmmmm, what to plan…

I’ll think about that tomorrow.  In the afternoon.  After sleep.  And brunch.  And a nap. And maybe some gin.

Right now I want to share a bit of last weekend…
Here’s a wee video, by the handsome chaps at CineMate Films, from The Glasgow Wedding Collective fayre last Sunday….

Hoho.. those guys make a good video eh? Go check out their website to see some of their wedding films… We like them a lot.  Lovely men.

And us, we had fun.
Bantering with bride-y types {and a good few nearly-grooms} about our services as Be Eventful, the wedding helpers.
Saying to all that we could Be There on the Day, making sure things go to plan.
Telling stories of dish-washing and decorating and all our behind-the-scene wedding tales.
Rambling on about why we would be more than merry to help with any w-day issues one may have.
Chatting dates and meetings and what-we-do-offers.
Generally milling around with goofy grins on, loving weddings and havers and all the other suppliers in the room.
{Go and look at them all here.. You’ll love them too}

For more about what we do as wedding helpers.. Be in touch!
We love our job.
{followed by a happy wee sigh}

Be x


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