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While ogling the pretty things for the pretty little people whose pretty little dresses we’ve just almost found … I go back here to inspire my frazzled noggin. The little ones are the big things.

Be Eventful - The Wedding Helpers | Scotland

What’s to be pretty on your day of wedding……

You.  The place.  The food.  The decorations.  The flowers.  You.

But the prettiest things, are the small people.  Always.
The little humans.
The tiny little people, they always get an awww.  And quite rightly so.
Kiddos are a big part of the plans for our day.  We couldn’t have a wedding without them.  Some do, I’m aware.  But no.  The little people in our family are the big things.  And we want them to run around our wedding, making it messy and pretty as they go…

The small girls at our wedding will be our helpers.  {The flower-y ones and the non}
But the flower-y ones, what shall they wear?  We don’t want them buttoned and stuck in a dress they shant crumple, with curls that won’t unfangle and shoes they cant scuff.  No. {Nor do I want that for me…

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