{plan be}

{Plan Be} no it can’t be… 9 weeks?!

Hello and Happy Sunday to you.

Morning Impossible.So, 9 weeks.  NINE WEEKS. Holy moly. It cannot be.
But it is.  Just 9 wee weeks til our wedding.  And nobody is more shocked by that than us.  The wedding havers.  All this chat of plans and details and food and suppliers and ideas and imaginings.  And we’ve only organised a smidgen of it.  Jings.

So today, our favourite day, a Sunday on which we are both off, free to plan, book, order and pay, not working, not fayre-ing, not moving house.  One day of very few, that we can get stuff done, yo. {Excuse me, I’ve been watching Breaking Bad}

For 2 folk who, a year ago were foo of ideas and went foo steam forward booking things and feeling way ahead of the w-day game.. we’ve not actually done a great deal…. oops.

It’s 8 o clock in the morn, on my only day off this week and I can’t sleep.  This is for why..
We have a hog, a humanist and a honeymoon.
A big tent will be up.  I will be in a dress and there will be two lovely ladies taking pictures and making films.
My hair will look nice.

And then we’ll eat pig and go on a trip.  That’s enough no?

No.  It’s not I’m told.  And it’s time to get the wedding fingers out {and buy some rings to put on them while we’re at it.  Bugger}.

This, is all.  All we have of wedding.  We also have a lot of nothing….
The tent will be bare, there will be nothing to drink, no-one is invited, the kids will have bare feet, none of us will have flowers, we won’t be wearing rings and Mr D.. well, he’ll be naked.  As will the sister.  {Eh… this is a priority problem??}
No one will know where to sit.  There will be no lights.  So people will bump into one another.  Oh, and we will all have to drink out of the bottles.  A big bunch of well-dressed people {the few that know the whens and wheres} stumbling around, drinking wine from a bottle, in a big dark tent, trying to avoid the nakey man trying to kiss the girl in the nice dress with the nice hair.

The groom and the bridesmaid, not having wedding clothes as of yet…..
I’m sure this is the stand out issue here.
The naked wedding party.

9 weeks to go.
Should I be worried?  I feel ok.  Maybe I’m in shock.
Oh how we love to leave things til last minute in our land.  Mr D and me.  Plodding along.  No hurrys for nothing.
Organised in business.  Shambolic in life.
But we can do this.
With too long to plan, decisions are difficult.  I’m an indecisive, mind-changing lady of the worst kind.  But in 2 months.. there’s no time to be changing minds.  Things just need to Be.

Seems Impossible9 weeks? Piece of cake.

Oh bugger……….. cake….

Claire x

{art by Lisa Congdon}


3 thoughts on “{Plan Be} no it can’t be… 9 weeks?!

  1. this made me laugh… great post!
    You’ll get it all done and it will be bloddy amazing I’m sure!
    Look forward to seeing the pics and the fruits of your (9week) labour 😉

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