be personal

Be caught up soon. {ish}

Well.  Hello.

Merry Sunday.  Still my favourite day.
This has been one of hangovers and week-planning, catching up and lazy time, food and some phone-blogtalk….

Ooft our poor wee blog.  A wee neglected thing so it is.  And we have so many tales to tell and plans to ponder on aboot.
But the start of this rather winter-y spring brought with it all kinds of busyness and non-time.  And so our blogtales have been so few that wee are shame-faced wee bloggers indeed.

With all kinds of delays with our new website {delays by us, not our lovely web-designer buddy} and all kinds of last minute-ish wday nightmares of our own {big catch up Plan Be blogtale to follow soon!} things have just had to be blogless.

But we can’t wait to get back on it indeed.


To all our new 2013 bride-y ladies and men .. Woohoo! We heart you all.

Any other lovelies out there wanting wee wedding helpers for your day… Be in touch! We are very much here, behind the blog-scene, ready to chat and make all kinds of wedding-y plans with you.
And we very much like a blether 😉

Love Be x

{picture by Lisa Congdon.. see more of her hand-lettering andart here}


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