{plan be}

{Plan Be} Four weeks. FOUR WEEKS.

Oh my feck to the jings.

Merry Sunday everyone.

March was a big OOFT. So, turns out, me and the Mr D are pretty rubbish wedding havers. Four weeks to go, balances to pay, shoes to get, wine to buy, vows to write and every last bit of decor STILL TO MAKE, to mention a tiny few.. things are just a wee bit on the long, unbrushed hairy side. FOUR WEEKS.

This weeks favourite fun moment: Realising we hadn’t REGISTERED THE MARRIAGE. Oh, but we went to Ikea and bought 150 tea towels.
On it, we thought. On it.

So with a “you were doing that bit! No YOU were!” style argument going down, it was a couple of nights hunting down birth certificates, emptying the bureau-of-many-bits-of-paper, photocopying passports {one of which only arrived last weekend..hmhm, I won’t say whos..}, phoning the mothership for dates and names. “Big Mr D, what the hell is your job title?!” We were feeling pretty frantic I tell ye.
What happens if this isn’t done, an innocent faced young Mr D asks…. eh, we’re just playing at wedding, that’s what. Pretending a wee bit. It would be a fun big sham, that’s what.
Maybe that would do?? I did contemplate…
But no. We go it done. In the nick of wday time. And now we have big loves for the lovely registrar lady of Aberfeldy. Mo, you’re a good egg.

Oh what else. Ah, the possibility of a lop-sided wedding. This was a fun thing also.
So when you’ve planned for a big marquee. In a field. On a hill. In a place where the snow stills falls in April {in APRIL}. And the marquee man, Mr Marquee is his name, tells you that he thought we would have had a flatter bit of land… Lets just say things got tense. But it is flat? Is it not?
Yup, oor venue guy, bless his thick wooly socks, hadn’t leveled the field. HADN’T LEVELED THE FIELD. {Please excuse my shouting}
Apparently, Aberfeldy, a usually lovely, sunny, pretty, place, decided to spew out rain, then snow, for the past nine months. Leaving us, the havers of a wedding in a big tent on a field, with a big, wet, unlevel-able, bit of land. Hurrah! Oh what fun.
Right Mr Marquee, we said, what can we do?
Well, said Mr Marquee, we can put our fancy contour flooring down no problemo, worst case scenario. But folks will not be able to fill their glasses foo for they will most definitely spill. And the dancing guests, they will naturally dance down into the corner and end up in a big dance party huddle, through no fault of their own. That will be the way of your lop-sided wedding, he said.
Oh, said I, well that’s not so bad really is it?
I can dance on a hill. I’ve done it before. I’ll just show the guests how.No, it won’t do. Mr Ds voice of logic {which is a rare thing from that mouth}. We must find a way.
And so for 3 weeks, we wished for some sun, to dry up the field to welcome a tractor-type machine to dig it up flat. And every morning we woke to more snow. Ah.
Fret not now, wedding-goers, and anyone else I have worried with this tale. Our people have pulled through and given us an out. Turf it will be. And all will be well.
And if not?
What can you do. A lop-sided wedding, it shall be. We will be married. We will have hog. There will be music. And a bundle of our favourite people, dancing in a corner together.

It will be perfect.


6 more days of working the day job. And then its DIY city. I’ve got wood. I’ve got paper. I’ve got wool. I’ve got paint. I’ve got a big massive tent to completely decorate. I may well have bitten off more than I can craft. Maybe I should have started this sooner…. OOPS.
Oh well. Let the making of decor begin.

Here’s to a decorated, squinty, tent wedding. FUNS!!
Love Claire x


One thought on “{Plan Be} Four weeks. FOUR WEEKS.

  1. Fingers crossed for some sun – but at the end of the day (or month) it’s all about the LOVE so rain or shine have a fantastic day! M x

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