be personal

Be-ing back.

Hellos to you all!

Well, we’re married, as you know.  Married, merry, and moving town.  Hooray!  Jings, do we have tales to tell.  Tales of wedding, tales of the honeytrip, tales of Be Eventful and this summers plans.  Tales of the big move.
I’m in a tale-spin {remember that cartoon?? Disney.  What a ledge.}

It’s all a bit exciting, this being married carry on.  Funs all round.  So far, anyway…

While we live in wedding-limbo-land, watching The Sopranos, living out of a backpack, waiting for the man {or should I say, The Granda} to bring a van and help us shift, yet again.  It’s nice.  Life is not as we know it.  Life has not been the same since the day of wed.  Leaving us feeling like we really are in a whole new part of life.  Some people say, being married feels no different.  But I’m feeling rather lucky that this is not the case for me.  Being married has changed our lives thus far.  No day has been as before, since.  The trip, the move, the time we’ve had.  Ok, so the time we’ve had this past week has mainly consisted of packing, clearing out, and, eh, watching The Sopranos…. but seriously, have you watched it? whaaaaaat.  I have a strange love, and empathy {??!} for Tony Soprano.  I like the guy.  And I’m really liking the fact I have time to like Tony.  It means a lot.
Time isn’t something we felt we had much of this past year.  I’m sure, like most of you, time isn’t something that we ever feel we have enough of.  Working the day jobs, starting a business, planning a wedding, moving home.  It’s been a year of long weeks.  A fun, chaotic, stressful, exciting, year of long weeks.
So, I am, gratefully and merrily, feeling lucky for this time… Limbo-land can be a good place.  The inbetween.  When all was over, before the new things begin.
I’ve been thinking, I’ve been writing, I’ve been making notes and throwing clutter out.  I’ve been sitting in the sun, pondering and wondering, and planning what to cook when we finally have our own kitchen again.  Phew.  It’s been a time for having time.
We’ve even drunk Cava in the driveway, in the sun, and had dance parties all to ourselves at midnight {ok, it was just me dancing, unfortunately.. a solo dance party if you will.  Cava.. it brings out the best in me}

We chose to turn our lives upside down for our wedding.  And I’m so glad we did.  No day has been like any other.  Being married feels like something a bit special.  And tomorrow we move into a completely new bit of life {and I get to nest}.  I am excited.

And for now, I am.
I’ll remember this time in wedding-limbo, when things get hectic and become chaos once more.  It’s been a fun, happy time.  One day, when we’re nested and busy and working, and who knows whats happening in life..
We’ll say,

Hey, remember when we got married and watched The Sopranos? That was amazing.



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