be at work

Be back in 2014. {we’re still here though}

Well. Haven’t things just been mad around here the last few months.
And haven’t I been saying that on here for long enough.
It’s time to take a step back. Yup, it’s time to have time.
Be Eventful will be taking no more bookings for 2013.

What did you say??

We have made the very sensible {even if I do say so myself} decision to close our books… for this year only!
No mo bookings, we say, much mo time.

We have a busy year ahead of us still, and cannot WAIT to get stuck in to the rest of our upcoming weddings & events, but we will not be taking anymore clients, Jul-Dec.

The 2013 Be Diary is now full!

This decision has been made, with merry faces on, for the success of our Be Eventful events still to take place, plans for months to come, and the good of the odd weekend off {wahey!}.

Our 2014 diary is looking pretty, darn nice, so far, and we are excited about the enquiries coming in, so please… don’t stop being in touch!!
We’d still most definitely, merrily, LOVE to Be a part of your big day next year {or the year after that, or the year after that}.
So, by all means, and please do, email us, still. Read our blog. Ask us for help. Book us. Chat to us. {for you know we love a blether}.
Enquire about us.

We’re here…. for next year.
Look out for our big relaunch towards the end of 2013.

Loves from Nikki and Claire x

{hand-lettering by oor favourite Lisa Congdon}


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