be at work

Blog on.

Hello all..

Now that we have that off our chests and we know what we’re doing with life this year-ish {!}Β  I’ll be setting some time aside for this poor wee sod of a blog.
Neglected and starting to look oh so shawdy, I’m looking forward to fattening it up again with tales of our wedding, all the clever clog suppliers involved, DIY decor, problems we solved, tips we’d like to share with you lovelies and some other random ramblings {I’d love to say I won’t, but I will}

We have had some email mishaps of late, so to all those who have emailed, are thinking about emailing, or will email in the future {and here’s hoping y’all do}, Be Eventful now have one set aside office day a week therefore, if you haven’t heard from us, don’t fret! We will be in touch.
With some sneaky wee blog posts in between πŸ˜‰

Look out for the first of my wedding tales tomorrow.
Welcome back blog, we’ve missed ye.

Love Claire x


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