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{oor new place} A street feastival…

Hellos to you.  Again, it’s been a while.

We have been spending the past few weeks settling in to oor new place.  Settling right in, I say.   And we’ve been doing so, in the sun.  The friggin’ sun!!!  Hooray to the weather.  Ain’t it been grand? A most lovely bout of summer to be having when you’ve just moved to a new place.  Feeling merry, getting a wee tan, working the new jobs when there buzzing and busy and foo of happy wee faces that you are only just meeting, spending your few hours off lazing in your new favourite park-place with beers and card games, when your not rearranging furniture, planning picture placing and dondering around outside oor new place, finding more parks, shops and places for coffee drinking, beer guzzling, and the stuffing of faces.
Ah it’s been grand.  And we’ve found some new favourite places indeed… look out for tales of our new found favourites of the city, in blog posts titled {Oor new place}.  Man, there are many.

And talking of stuffing faces and guzzling beer….

This weekend see’s the first Glasgow Street Feastival {yup, that says FEASTival.. mmm} held at the The Barras Art and Design Centre {in ze famous Barras Markets}.

What is this you say? A feastival?  It sounds like a festival where at which, you feast?  Indeed.
Glasgow Street FeastivalStreet food {oor favourite kind of food whoopwhoop}, music, craft beers, wines and a wee bit fashion {of the eco-variety} … This Feastival looks set to be pretty darn amazing.  And I KNOW the food will be as tasty as really tasty things…

We’re fair excited about the prospect of spending days or nights off at such events.  Excited about trying the new places we’ve found, and merry about the ideas behind some creative Glasgow noggins who are organising some rather cool, fun gatherings and events over this sunny Summer we’re having.  We’ve moved to this city at quite an exciting time it seems….

BUT.  To this one, this amazing sounding street food marvel, our favourite kind of marvel, we can’t go.  Neither of us.  Not me, not Mr D.  We’re missing out!
And so I share this with you in the hope that YOU can go.  Go and stuff your face with interesting bits and bobs from the likes of Stravaigin, The Finnieston and {my personal favourite} The Hanoi Bike Shop, drink yourself foo of interesting craft beers from one of Mr Ds favourites, Williams Bros, or for the more sophisticated of you, interesting wines served up by Ubiquitous Chip, my dear, whilst having a gander at some of local designer Aimee Kents fashion-y wares and shuffling your feet to some local Djs.

It’s free to get in, you can take your kiddos if you have some and it’s open from 4pm, Saturday and Sunday.
Whaaaaat, perfect wee weekend-evening jaunt.

We won’t be jealous.  Not at all.



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