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{Plan Be} The Sunday of Wedding.

Finally I got round to finishing the tale.  Hoohoohooray.  Except… well… As you well know…. Keeping things short and sweet…. Not my strongest of points….
Welcome to the tale of our actual day.
Part one.                                               {sorryyyyyyyyyyyy}

Ah the Sunday of wedding.
The day we got married.
The start of the rest of everything…

c&j-221Behind those curtains was that day. And those wee little people, the ones doing the peeking, were our gorgeous flowergirls…
Our wedding was foo to the gunnels of beautiful people.
Foo of love.
Foo of music and dancing.
Foo of drink.
This, is how it all happened, that day…

7ish am. I’m awake. Mr D, he sleeps. As always. The sleeper. I wander to Bunkhouse no.2 to see if any family-types are up, pottering around unable to sleep with the excitement…. No. The Saturday of wedding fun has taken it’s toll, and all through the house… sleepers. This, I think, is just a bit of perfect for me. Before the chaos, a bit of calm. Just for me. Me and a cup of tea.
I let myself miss my Dad for a while, sitting at the big, worn, wooden table. Something I always do, every day, but with a strength and a just-get-on-with-it attitude. But on this morning, I let myself miss him completely. Overwhelmed myself with the thought of getting married without him. Immersed myself in all the memories I could muster. And imagined all the things he would have been saying to me that day. I looked through letters of his I had brought with me, in the old wooden box of his that Mr D and I were later to use during our ceremony as our ‘first fight box’ {more on that later}, and in that box, I found a letter to my Dad from his Dad. One I had never read.
It was an amusing read, words of wisdom from a father to a son, and a comforting feeling, learning something new about him that morning, reading something that until then I had never found, which in itself was rather strange.
I felt closer to him that morning, after that moment. As though we’d had a bit of time together on my wedding day. And the sadness was replaced by a warm strength, again I felt lucky to have had such a relationship, and I knew that I was going to be ok that day. I was getting married. To Mr D. The handsomest of men. With a good good heart. And my Dad would have been proud. Proud and happy. He would have loved Mr D too (not EXACTLY like I do.. But love, for sure 😉 )
I finished my tea, shook my wee teary face dry and stood up.
Do you want to go for a walk with me and the dog? Came the voice of my biggest sister.
Yes, yes I would.
So down the rubbly, windy road on the hill, we went. Not even eight in the morn. In our pyjamas. Throwing sticks for Maggie {said dog} and chatting about all things family and life. A lovely wee bit of my day, spent with my biggest sister, on the day of her littlest sisters wedding. Clearing my head and getting fresh air before the chaos began.
Which it did, oh it did, soon after….

wedding viewthe tentwedding viewThe sister wakes and turns all Major Be Eventful on me. It’s quite the sight. She should really don some camouflage and a beret when she’s coordinating. And thank fecky so. Let’s just admit right here, right now..
Mr D and I have some of the bestest ideas and most amazing of visions (yes, in my eyes, we’re the best, I’m not ashamed to say it), but had we not had such amazing people surrounding us in that field that weekend, like a crazy hardworking tribe of people from the trees (that one goes out to you Big J!!)
A wedding it shan’t have been. (seriously).
Between the peelers and choppers, and the hangers and polishers. We had our own wee wday army… And because of them, by 11am things were coming together….

wedding foodwedding helperswedding helpers

wedding food

wedding diy cateringwedding helpers wedding breakfastBig. Huge. Phew.
Ok so a few things didnt look how I’d initially imagined, the sodden marquee curled our paper garlands so that they were no longer geometric, I ran out of time for my rag ceiling installation (or however the feck I would have described it) and many other a decor issue that the time-stealing storm caused that fateful Friday night. However, luckily for me (because only I would have noticed anyway no doubt…) I am quite the DIY decor puzzle solver. A decor geek, if you will. And with a stand-and-hum here, and a climb-up-and-rehang there (and the help of many a good egg, I must keep reminding you of this) oor big old tent, on a muddy soggy field, up a wet and windy hill, was ready. And looking fair braw.

soggy triangles

wedding table

c&j-32   c&j-55

c&j-73soggy trianglesanchorHalf past one. Buses of guests are arriving. Heehee what are they doing here so early, the ninnymuggins, I’m still in me grotty muddy pjs harhar.
Claire, they all say, your supposed to be getting married in half an hour.
Harhar harhar is that the time??? Harhar har so it is. I better get ready Har harhar.
Whether it was excitement, sheer merriment or delirium.. I couldn’t have given a monkeys. Everything was ok and calm and perfect in my wee noggin.
Oh but wait I quickly need to tell him something about the stovies!! Bugger, the stovies!! Anne Marie can you leave my hair a sec??
Lara, pal put down the eyeliner..
Mum, hold the whisky…
And I ran…

wedding guestsAcross the courtyard, through a bus load of bewildered guests, 15 minutes before we wed, with a barnet half in curls, tartan shorts and holey slippers, one eye in liner and a goofy, grinning face on my face.
Shouting something about the size of the sausage.
This was our wedding day.


flowergirl holliegirlsmollysalmonchinalaroldbridesmaidwedding ironinggreat nephewwedding buttonbridegetting readywedding helperssuit upgroomhandsomesuit upflowergirl booflowergirl holliebridesmaid nikkigirlsthe dressbridey ladyboot uppresentsthe ginnoggin flowerscolourwaitingfirst lookfirst lookfirst lookthe girls

first lookfirst lookfirst look….and then we went off to get married….

{photography by Caro Weiss {little picture-taking wizard}}



4 thoughts on “{Plan Be} The Sunday of Wedding.

  1. One word describes this blog, your wedding and you guys beautiful!
    Had me in happy tears again Clarabell, cant wait for a catch up.
    Charlotte xx

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