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{Plan Be} In this one, we get married. Promise.

I never thought it would take me so long to blog our wedding.  But when I sit down to write, I find it nigh impossible to make it short and sweet.  There are too many memories.  And too many things that made our day OUR day.  Too many people, too many stories, too many bits of day.  I can’t miss them out. No no no.
But, since I’m pretty sure I’ll be boring you with the tales, this post will be for pictures only {apart from this already too long, rambling explanation}..

So here’s our story, in pictures.. from walking doon that ailse.. to singing Bonnie Tyler.. to dancing in a field and eating pork pies.

Caro Weiss {telling this story through her clever peepers} ..
What a ledge 😉

first looktop tablewedding whiskywedding giftsthe bridesmaidbest manmother of the bridedrinksmother of the grooma best manfather of the groomwedding favourswedding favourstable planwedding barguest book?flowergirlsflowergirlswedding tablewedding tableswedding tablesthe girlswalking the aislewalking the aislegetting marriedwedding menbride and groomlaughsflowergirlwedding baby guest  little guest

sing alongwhisky toastkiss the girlmarriedmarriedwedding weatherhooraybride and mumwell donesbride and unclehave a ciderAnd we were married.
Our ceremony was especially special.  I’ll be telling tales and sharing stories, later on in blog land.  But for now, I’m just enjoying the pictures.  I hope you are too.
Did I mention our photographer Caro Weiss being a cracker?
Because she is.

marriedwedding laughscouplelovelovelove and socksin love and marriedon a windy hillona  windy hillon a windy hill we were marriedwedding fieldbouquetwedding partydawsonsbell the mumthe sistersthe grandparentsbride and the sisterBig ruddy sigh.

And then we had a party…. {that’s when we ate the pork pies.. incase anyone noticed they were missing…}



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