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A vintage wedding show anyone?

Well hello.

Stormy weather we’re having.  Crazy cats.  Thunder and lighting?  In amongst days of el scorchio sunshine?  We’ve turned all tropicana.  And I don’t mind at all.  When the weather is continuously amazing for days or weeks, even, on end… a rainy day is a lovely thing.  A lovely day to Be in love and stuff, I say.  And talking about being in love and stuff…….

Anyone getting married??
If your anywhere near Glasgow this weekend, take a wander for a gander at this….

Wahey.  As part of the Merchant City Festival, which is holding a whole host of events in different locations within the Merchant City, The Vintage Wedding Show will be showcasing all manner of talented suppliers {some of whom were our very own Plan Be wedding people.. }.. from photographers and videographers {wink wink Caro Weiss and Sugar8} to dressmakers {nudge nudge Rowanjoy} to vintage hire specialists {whoop at Butler and Taylor} and so many more.  I mean, SO many more.  Yay!
This is going to be, I believe, a humdinger, indeed.  The supplier list is non-short of amazing {including a whole host of our Glasgow Wedding Collective buddies}  AND it’s free entry.  Hooray!!!
Sunday looks like it is going to be a cracker and more than well worth the visit for all you wedding-havers out there.

And for those of you not having a wedding anytime soon {like me. big sad face. yes I would do it all over again… yes even though I’ve painted oor wedding as being absolute chaos. hmhm} Well there are plenty of other things to have a gander at, wander past, take part in, and/or dance to/shop at, at the Merchant City Festival.. take a look at the website to see all the stuff that’s going on.  It’s pretty darn impressive.  And looking like it will be a right gid day oot.
Glasgow’s shaping up to Be quite the Eventful toon.

We shant be exhibiting ourselves, but I will be popping along to say hello to some of my favourite wedding peeps and checking out all the purty stalls and wares.
Hey, it’s free, it’s a must.



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